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Sizing Up Your Battery For Proper Fit

Sizing Up Your Battery:

The size of your battery directly affects your forklift’s capacity, run time and stability. An undersized battery can cause your forklift to be less productive and unstable. The counterweight requirement can be found on the manufacturer’s nameplate or data tag. The battery’s capacity in amp hours can be found on the data tag of the battery. Purchasing the proper battery will increase the time your forklift can be in service leading to more productivity before a recharge is needed.

Battery Charger Information:

To confirm the charger and forklift battery are compatible, provide your dealer with the voltage and amp hour rating of your battery, also include the input voltage of the building and power phase. Some of this information can be found on the battery data tag and electrical panel of the building. To determine the amount of batteries needed for you fleet, the number of shifts should be considered. Multiple shifts may require multiple batteries to keep your forklift running throughout the day.  

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