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Industrial Lift Truck Motive Power Battery Chargers

Battery ChargersAmetek – Prestolite Power (formerly Hobart Brothers Battery Charger Division) has set the industry standard worldwide for superior Battery Charging Solutions.  It has manufactured Industrial Battery chargers for the material handling industry since 1917. 

Located in Troy, OH, USA, Ametek continues to build upon the rich tradition of innovation, integrity, and excellence. We offer a broad range of industrial battery chargers from single shift units to high frequency IGBT opportunity charging systems. Including the new energy saving Eclipse II charger family. 

The Accu Charger and Battery Mate product lines utilize ferroresonant technology to provide dependable and efficient charging cycles. Both line-ups are used in multiple shift operations ranging from heavy-duty to medium-duty applications.

Our Ultra line includes the Ultra and Ultra Maxx charger. These units provide the flexibility to charge multiple voltage batteries, flooded and sealed product, in all applications. The Ultra line is also a great choice for cold storage due to SCR design.

The Eclipse II family is the latest addition to our charger lineup. These units are high frequency IGBT chargers that minimize energy usage and have an efficiency rating of 94% or better. Eclipse II chargers can charge both flooded and valve regulated lead acid batteries. This line up can be used in all charging applications from conventional to fast.

Ametek Prestolite Power has been a leading provider of industrial battery chargers for over 90 years. Ametek is known for high standards of quality and having the largest selection of battery chargers, controls and data collection devices in the industry.

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Ametek Prestolite Power Battery Chargers

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We provide industrial grade chargers for all your motive power needs! Check out our supply of Ametek - Prestolite Power chargers, we supply both Ametek high frequency and ferroresonant chargers! Contact us for more information!
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