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Industrial Lift Truck Motive Power Battery Chargers

ACT Advanced Charging Technolgies Quantum Motive Power Battery ChargerAdvance Charging Technologies (ACT) is a leader in forklift battery charging systems. Our commitment to innovation has lead to the production of the next –generation motive power battery charger.

Quantum uses state of the art soft switching technology reducing electrical infrastructure leading to greater energy savings. With our modular design, companies have the flexibility to add power as their business grows and or as fleets change. Due to the flexibility of the Quantum, in case of failure, Quantum will continue to charge your battery but at a slower rate, and with plug and play design changing modules is just minutes.

Our expertise in fleet energy and asset management sets ACT apart from the competition making us the preferred choice.



Advanced Charging Technologies Battery Chargers

High Frequency Modular Design Chargers

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Industrial Battery of Pittsburgh is a proud distributor of Advanced Charging Technologies (ACT) Battery Chargers!

We provide industrial grade chargers for all your motive power needs! Check out our supply of Advanced Charging Technologies chargers, we supply ACT high frequency chargers! Contact us for more information!
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