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Ametek SCR Chargers

Industrial Motive Power Ametek Prestolite Power Motive Power Battery Charger Ultra ChargeUltra charge covers a wide range of charging application. The Ultra Charge is ideal for a wide variety of operating environments and applications. It’s rugged design and flexibility make it suitable for nearly any manufacturing or warehouse operation, particularly those with multiple shifts or harsh environments such as cold storage, foundries, mills, and other similar applications.

  • Charges 100% discharged batteries in 8 hours or less
  • Adapts to all battery types with 7 user-selectable charge curve options
  • Compensates for battery operating temperatures automatically; from 32 F to 115 F with optional BID module


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Industrial Motive Power Ametek Prestolite Power Motive Power Battery Charger UltraMaxxYou might wonder why you can’t just opportunity charge with a conventional charger. For years, battery and charger manufacturers have discouraged opportunity charging and that was because the charger controls weren’t in place to monitor and control the charge cycle. Now with more intelligent chargers, it is possible to opportunity charge with minimal effect on battery life.

Prestolite Power’s Ultra Maxx charges batteries right in the truck – during breaks and shift changes. The result? Your truck batteries can achieve a consistent state of charge without those unproductive trips to the battery room… and without battery changing.

That’s because the Ultra Maxx opportunity charger senses battery voltage and temperature from the BID module to optimize charge parameters. The Ultra Maxx can also charge batteries at conventional and valve regulated rates, maximizing your current battery and charger investment

  • With the Standard Extended Amp Hour Feature, batteries can be charged up to 50A/100 start rate and a 4.5A/100 finish rate
  • Charges batteries to 80% in 3 hours or less • Uses BID module to monitor temperature during charge for longer battery life
  • I-E-I charge profile for accurate and efficient charging
  • Automatically compensates for battery operating temperatures
  • Data MateTM compatible


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