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ACT Quantum Chargers

ACT Advanced Charging Technolgies Quantum Motive Power Battery ChargerThe Quantum chargers is ACT’s next leap of intelligent charging solutions featuring a modular and flexible design, high energy efficiencies, and advanced energy management to achieve greater energy savings.

  • Modular Technology
  • Wireless Cloud Integration
  • Advanced Energy Management
  • 5 Year Warranty
ACT Advanced Charging Technolgies Quantum Motive Power Battery Charger

Currently the most technologically equipped industrial forklift battery charger on the market, Quantum has paved a path to a new way of thinking. Advanced Charging Technologies (ACT) new Quantum charger includes battery monitoring, diagnostic software, and cloud-based asset management.

Providing clients the ability to overview how their batteries and chargers are performing through monitoring/diagnostics gives the user an advantage to schedule proactive maintenance. Managers are able to keep a closer eye on the upkeep of batteries through alerts and reports that assures that workers are accurately charging their batteries. The reports that Quantum shows will also include information on when batteries need to be replaced and nearing their end life, thus allowing businesses to more reflect that expense in their capital expenditure budget.

ACT being so confident in their newest product by backing up the Quantum charger with a 5-year warranty, the longest assurance in the marketplace.

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