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Motive Power Professional Services

Industrial Battery of Pittsburgh has a team of professional technicians who specialize in forklift battery and industrial battery charger technology. In addition to our packages, we offer a multitude of services for all motive power products. Industrial Battery of Pittsburgh is dedicated to keeping your business moving smoothly.

IBP offers planned maintenance programs as well as emergency field service. We can quickly dispatch a factory certified trained technician, in a fully stocked utility body service vehicle with the capabilities of performing battery and charger repairs on site.

With a comprehensive array of parts on hand IBP can maintain your industrial batteries, battery handling equipment and chargers, offering you the quickest service possible.

Some of the services we offer include battery repair, battery cleaning, charger repair, reconditioning, and recycling.

Industrial Battery of Pittsburgh Motive Power Industrial Professional Service Technician StaffEven the best equipment requires regular service. IBP can service all battery and charger types.

Benefits of Regular Service Include:

  • Extended Battery Life
  • Prevention of Damage To Lift Trucks
  • Reduced Motor and Contact Replacement
  • Increased Productivity
  • Improved Running hours
  • Improved Safety

Industrial Battery of Pittsburgh Offers Full Range of Services:

  • Full Maintenance
  • Field Service
  • In-Shop Repair / Reconditioning
  • Preventative Maintenance Care Programs
  • Battery Cleaning / Wash service
  • Environmental Assistance
  • Battery Recycling 

Industrial Battery of Pittsburgh’s highly experienced professional service staff can meet all levels of need for your industrial motive power maintenance services!

Industrial Battery of Pittsburgh Field Service Professional Technicians

Motive Power Field Service Technicians:

IBP understands when your forklift batteries and chargers are in need of repair; service needs to happen quickly in order to keep your warehouse operations running smoothly. To expedite on-site repairs, maintenance and troubleshooting, our field service vehicles are outfitted with a comprehensive array of parts needed to perform the job. In most cases, our experienced techs can repair your battery or charger on site limiting downtime.

If needed, IBP has a full fleet of rental batteries and chargers on hand to keep your operation running smoothly.

Industrial Battery of Pittsburgh In-Shop Service Professional Technicians

Motive Power In-Shop Service and Reconditioning:

Battery of Pittsburgh operates a state of the art repair shop in West Elizabeth, PA. Over the last several years we have made major investments in updating all of equipment.

For jobs that are too large to perform in the field, or for instances when testing is required, we can haul your unit or units into our facility for a complete battery reconditioning process. Once your battery is reconditioned and returned to their highest available capacity, performance and life will be extended making your initial investment a better return.

*Ask about our no-charge service battery to utilize while your battery is being repaired (if available).

Industrial Battery Of Pittsburgh Motive Power Professional Planned Maintenance Program Services

Motive Power Preventative Planned Maintenance Programs:

Industrial Battery of Pittsburgh offers several preventative maintenance programs designed to meet ones needs and budget. A well maintained battery room equals properly maintained batteries and chargers delivering better performance eliminating costly downtime and lost productivity.

In the end, the cost of repairs and downtime from poorly maintained equipment often exceed the cost of a custom designed preventative maintenance program. Our factory trained and certified technicians will provide the personal attention and detail that is required to keep your fleet running smoothly.

Maintenance Programs Offered:

  • Power Care Gold
  • Power Care Silver
  • Power Care Bronze

Industrial Battery of Pittsburgh Professional Industrial Motive Power Battery Washing And Cleaning ServiceMotive Power Battery Cleanings:

Protect your investment, increase productivity and extend battery life with Industrial Battery Of Pittsburgh’s battery washing service. IBP Pittsburgh will come to your site (weather permitting) and high-pressure wash and neutralize your battery fleet. Through this process we use a high-pressure rinse in conjunction with a water recirculating system. This yields a constant flow of water that is filtered; PH monitored and recycled reducing environmental concerns.

This service is available from April through October dockside. In winter months, the service can be provided with set up inside.

How Frequently Is Battery Washing Needed:

The frequency of battery cleaning all depends on how well the batteries are watered and how hard they are used. In a clean environment, a well maintained battery might require washing twice yearly via high pressure and cleaning twice yearly by hand. In a dirty environment, we may find cleanings are required quarterly.

Over watering or poor watering habits will result in more frequent battery washings or cleanings!

Consequences Due To Dirty Batteries:

  • Premature Battery Failure
  • Poor Battery Performance
  • Battery Shorts and Grounds
  • Tray Corrosion
  • Possible Electronic Issues With Lift Truck / Forklift

A well maintained battery is a clean battery!

Industrial Battery of Pittsburgh Motive Power Industrial Battery Repair And Recondition ServiceMotive Power Battery Repair & Recondition:

Purchasing a new battery can be costly. If budgeting does not permit, Industrial Battery of Pittsburgh will pick up your battery for evaluation to see if it is a candidate for repairing or reconditioning. To provide the most accurate results, IBP will run a full capacity test in order to determine the capacity of each cell. This allows you to make an educated decision on the best course of action for your company.

We carry most battery parts in inventory for faster service, and also offer field service on-site charger repair and battery repair if needed.

Detecting Battery Issues Early:

Early detection of battery problems can increase the life of your batteries. Delaying reconditioning may result in battery damage, charger damage and truck damage.

All IBP repairs come with a full warranty.

Typical Work Performed During Reconditioning:

  • Steam Clean / Remove Corrosion
  • Equalize Charge
  • Adjust Specific Gravity
  • Six Hour Discharge Test
  • Replace or Repair Defective Cells
  • Repair Cover to Jar Leaks
  • Remove Sulphation (Desulfation)
  • Replace Broken Jars or Covers
  • Replace Cables and Connectors
  • Clean and Paint


Industrial Battery of Pittsburgh Motive Power Industrial Charger Repair Service

Motive Power Charger Repair:

If your charger is down, IBP can dispatch a factory-trained technician to your facility to inspect and troubleshoot the unit. If the repair cannot be handled onsite, we can bring the unit into our shop for further evaluation via state of the art testing equipment. Our motive power inventory includes most charger parts allowing for a faster return time.

* Ask about our no-charge charger to utilize while your charger is being repaired (if available).

Industrial Battery of Pittsburgh Recycles Motive Power Batteries Through East Penn ManufacturingMotive Power Battery Recycling:

All used lead-acid batteries recycled by Industrial Battery Of Pittsburgh are properly handled and recycled through East Penn Manufacturing. The East Penn Environmental Protection Plan provides our Company and our customers with the confidence needed to ensure complete environmental compliance.

IBP Pittsburgh’s fleet of delivery trucks and professional drivers will allow for easy pick-up and transportation of used batteries for recycling.

Learn More: Deka Battery Sustainability

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Industrial Battery of Pittsburgh's highly experienced professional service staff can meet all levels of need for your industrial motive power maintenance services!

Our experienced technicians can do emergency repairs at your facility through our field services and more extensive repairs or reconditioning in our shop services!

We also offer planned maintenance for operations that require regulatory maintenance! If your industrial motive power batteries need to be cleaned or washed, we can scour your batteries at your location in a safe environmentally friendly way!

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